The world’s first collective action platform for everyday investors

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The Troop

Join a community of activist investors

When you create an account, you’re taking steps towards becoming part of the world’s largest block of activist investors.

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Connect with likeminded shareholders

By linking your brokerage account(s) to Troop, we help connect you with shareholder communities personalized to your portfolio holdings.

As a collective action platform, your individual holdings are hidden from others.
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Activate your shares

We’ll be building out a suite of tools to help everyday investors become shareholder activists, making the most out of the portfolio of shares you already own. A sneak peak at some of the features we’re working on include:

  • Discover and vote on existing shareholder resolutions based on your portfolio, values, and interests
  • Stay in the know with notifications about resolution progress, updates, and outcomes
  • Rally the troops by commenting, researching, and submitting polls to the Troop community
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