Corporations are behind some of the top challenges faced by the world today.



of the $3.7B spent in lobbying is led by business interests
Environmental Disaster


of the world’s greenhouse gases are emitted by just 100 companies
Wealth Inequality


of global GDP is represented by just 50 companies.

But as shareholders, we have the right to hold them accountable.

In most cases, anyone directly holding at least one share of a public company like Apple ($AAPL) or Tesla ($TSLA) is a partial owner of that company and has the right to weigh in on its business decisions.

Our power is much greater than we think.

Investor support for environmental and social proposals are at their highest level ever, and retail shareholders (everyday investors like you and me) own a whopping $30.4 trillion dollars in stocks, roughly 29% of total public company shares in circulation.

That’s more than enough to push many of these environmental and social resolutions forward.

From “me” to “we”

For too long, the global culture around finance has prioritized a “me-against-the-market” mentality, that encourages short-term over long-term returns, corporate profit over corporate accountability, individual over collective wealth. This mindset may be why 72% of the $30.4T shares held by everyday investors are not voted upon.
But we can influence the market to benefit all when we:
  • Build coalition with activist funds, shareholder advocacy groups, employee union groups, and everyday investors
  • Collectivize our shareholder rights into a single activist block
  • Campaign and vote through coordinated action